Wednesday, January 21, 2015

A Poor Ugly Girl

A Poor Ugly Girl
In the village near a river there was an ugly girl. She didn’t have brother or sister. Her mother died three months ago. She lived in old mad. One day she went to the forest and she met a man. He is very handsome and he is very rich.
            “You looked so ugly” said the man.
            “Thank you”. She gives her smile and she left him.
In the next day the man made a contest. He want looked for a girl who will become his wife. An ugly girl followed his contest. She did anything to make her beautiful. She knew if her mother has an old book. She found the ways to make her beautiful. Then, she went to the river she took the water and put it into the bucket. She opened that book and she read it again. She must mix the water with salt. After she drank the water her face looked beautiful. In the next day she went to the handsome man’s house. There were many girls gathered in that house to follow his contest. A handsome man saw a beautiful girl in front him.
            “You looked very beautiful. I chose you become my wife” said the man.
            “I am happy to hear that” said an ugly girl.
            “Of course you will marry with me” said a handsome man.
Three minutes later, her beautiful face became ugly again. A handsome man was surprised.
            “Is that you? An ugly girl who met me in the forest? ” asked the man.
            “Sorry. I laid to you” said an ugly girl.
            “Why did you lie to me?” said the man.
An ugly girl didn’t respond him. She left him and she went home. When she was at home she cried. She read that book again. She read it slowly and she forgot if she must drink the water every one hour. 

                                      Citra Kurnianingtyas Permata

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